The agribusiness sector has a huge impact in Brazilian and the world’s economy. The companies in this market usually face the following challenges: waste in production, problems with shipping and delivery logistics, and products’ traceability.

Technology as an ally

Recurring issues in the agribusiness sector can be solved Agro can be solved by our solutions of field team management , process digitalization and intelligent workflow.

In the agribusiness sectors such as Poultry, Citrus, Dairy, Nutrition and Animal Health, farms and operations periodically undergo through audits for certifications maintenance and upgrade. Because of that, operators are required to keep record of their activities as a daily routine, at first writing them on papers and clipboards, or taking pictures and designing sheets, in a very time-consuming process.

Optimized routines

When our solutions are implemented, the operations are standardized. Using the app, checklists are created fast, enabling evidence record for compliance, with pictures and electronic signatures, non-conformity reports, and even action plans, if required.

In the same sectors, product distribution is also a challenge, and should be done with safety and traceability. We recommend the automatic routing tool that traces the best route to be taken for delivery services.

Data collected by teams are tracked in in real time in the qualitative dashboards by managers who have full access to reports and can spot any movement in business’ units.

Other Contributions

Visual reports on .ppt format

Autonomy and facility for managers when creating surveys, forms and sheets

Automatic geolocation scripting that helps managers create intelligent routes

Control panels with analytical KPIs demonstrations

System integration with recurrent data of the market

Containment checklists

Incident report with action plans

Warehouse and stock management

Maintenance and tracking of equipments

Fleet management

Expense management

Inspections, audits and much more