Solving Problems

Find out how we bring solutions to the problems reported by our customers

Indirect Distribution Channel management

RB Solutions

Application for Indirect Distribution Channel sales teams with data collection of POS and gamification elements, with reward strategies for customers and collaborators. The solution brings visibility of field teams to managers and supports decision making.

Via Retail

A challenge faced by Via Varejo and their companies, which include more than 980 points of sale in many different regions, was to keep a fast and effective communication in applications and websites. We developed a robust and customized solution for both, allowing operational boosts such as faster implementation of campaigns, which feedbacks to management control with fast evaluation of campaign ROIs and elimination of waste.

Retail Tracker


Complete tool (app and web) allowing that Samsung’s management team track in real time how their brand is positioned in monitored points of sale, informing: location and route to get to POS, offline prices of products, product coverage, floor share/shelf space, store execution, inventory exposed at the stores, store calls, execution guide.

Field Force Management App 


Samsung requires a solution for field mobility that includes all the integrated contact points (omnichannel). Aiming at ensuring bigger productivity to staff, partners and others, the solution promotes clean vision to Samsung managers.


Coleta e entrega de dados em ambiente analítico pra SmartFit ter visibilidade de toda sua operação. Auxiliamos a tomada de decisão com base em entrega de indicadores dos processos. Gestão de lojas com agilidade

E-learning Platform

RB Solutions

E-learning platform focused on the trade marketing team considering competency mapping. Available communicative resources, such as feed interaction, publication of insights, subjects of general interest and visual aids bring all collaborators who use the platform closer to each other, despite their location.

Processes' Digitalization

Reckitt Benckiser

Designing and upgrading processes are constant demands for companies like Reckitt Benckiser. Making those processes faster leads to better communication with collaborators and great performances. Thus, our customized and integrated solution involved both collaborators and third-parties through web and mobile dashboards, allowing improvement in field performance, cost reduction, and open access to data.


Managing a wide catalog of movables for national distribution was a challenge before the implementation of our products, even for an established company as Samsung. By improving the operations, a new logistic was implemented and new controls were created, leading to the integration of the whole ecosystem. This leads to evident cost reduction and a great view of needs and requirements in the field, which guarantees quality exposition of products and greater sales conversion, according to analyzed data.

Cacau Show

An usual challenge franchise networks face is the huge amount of processes and the need of accurate track of each franchised POS; the verification of more than 300 catalogued and addressed indexes. To overcome the challenges, we developed a solution focused on collection, tracking and verification, enabling fast and structured mapping in qualitative dashboards, and improving field management and performance.

Field Marketing KPI Management Platform


One of the main challenges to team management is keeping the quality of customer service in the field, either for buyers or places. To help overcome this difficulty, using specific indicators was essential because they generate a history into monitoring dashboards, avoiding wastage of resources and improving absence and knowledge rates.