Nowadays, a huge challenge in retail refers to the POS, a place disputed by brands because it is where buying decisions happen.

Technology as an ally

Facing that, our solution of field team management , process digitalization and intelligent workflow solve recurrent problems in the Retail industry.

OneTrade is an application by Trade Marketing in which managers and promoters improve results, aggregating productivity in daily activities.

Optimized routines

By using the app, tasks are more effectively accomplished, enabling registration of facades, product checking, planograms, and display windows with tools like images, collection of signatures, and action plans.

When handling the app, the sales promoter gathers all information already at the point of sales, collaborating with strategies based on Business Intelligence, statistics of competitors and satisfaction surveys, for example.

Another common use of Trade Marketing is shelf management in the POS and new ordersrequests based on geolocation.

Data collected by teams are tracked in real time in the qualitative panels and the construction projects monitoring in real-time, generating reports, performances, all vendor’s statistics, POS locations and much more.

Other Contributions

More than 20 tools neglected by the market that can reduce costs and time, such as barcode readers and price tags

Visual reports on .ppt format

Autonomy and facility for managers when creating surveys, forms and sheets

Automatic geolocation scripting that helps managers create intelligent routes

Control panels with analytical KPIs demonstrations

System integrations with recurrent market data (sales and inventory)