Civil Construction

After a slowdown in the last few years, the civil construction started to rise again. One of the challenges companies have been facing is to organise logistics of distribution and materials at working sites, essential elements in the civil construction.

Technology as an ally

Our solutions: field team management, process digitalization and smart workflow, have been efficient as they allow operation visibility, automatically improving staff productivity.

In the field, working supervisors still waste time with paper and clipboards in daily checks and then type them down in datasheets with performance indicators for managerial analysis.

Optimized routines

By using We.Check app, checklists are done with agility, tracking day-to-day running, counting the staff and third party employees, checking PPEs , monitoring materials and inputs. Through checklists, it’s possible to register geolocated evidence with photos and signatures, identify non-conformities and even draw an action plan.

In real time, the managers follow up qualitative panels and the construction projects monitoring in real-time, generating reports and monitoring the operation remotely.

Other Contributions

Visual reports on .ppt format

Autonomy and facility for managers when creating surveys, forms and sheets

Automatic geolocation scripting that helps managers create intelligent routes

Control panels with analytical KPIs demonstrations

System integration with recurrent data of the market

Incident report with action plans

Warehouse and stock management

Electricians checklist

Acompanhamento de manutenção de equipamentos ⁃ gestão de frotas

Expense management

Inspections, audits and much more