Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas sector faces inumerous challenges related to regulatory issues, compliance programmes, anti-corruption, risk management projects and report of incidents.

Technology as an ally

This is evidenced with our solutions of field team management , process digitalization and intelligent workflow, when recurring problems are solved in companies of this sector which implemented them.

Our solutions facilitate managing audits, organizing routines that involve deadline control, generating evidente for compliance, action plans and organization of task execution.

In every environment, employers need to do inspections which requires keeping a record of their daily routines , still written down on paper and clipboards, slowing down the process.

Optimized routines

When our solution We.Check is implemented, checklists are easily done, as well as evidence records, with pictures and electronic signatures, even offline.

In this sector, incident management is a challenge once there has to be an efficient communication with the responsible units. With our solutions, this is ensured by a workflow involving staff responsible for incident record, communication to the corresponding entity, investigation report and definition of action plan.

We.Check has shown its efficacy when applied to maritime services. Managers follow up qualitative panels and the construction projects monitoring in real-time, generating reports , performances, all vendor’s statistics, POS locations and much more.

Other Contributions

Visual reports on .ppt format

Autonomy and facility for managers when creating surveys, forms and sheets

Automatic geolocation scripting that helps managers create intelligent routes

Control panels with analytical KPIs demonstrations

System integration with recurrent data of the market