The lack of basic sanitation is a humanity problem that compromises the development of several countries. The industry's challenges are countless, having in compliance one of the most important: Budget Allocation.

Technology as an ally

Considering that, we realize huge synergy in our solutions of field team management , process digitalization and workflow, collaborating to management strategies of water treatment facilities.

In the Water Treatment Stations, operators still use paper and boards for their daily operational checkings, which consumes most part of their time.

Optimized routines

Our solutions ensure efficient strategies for compliance. Through the app, it is easy to create checklist, as well as evidence recording, with pictures and electronic signatures, spotting irregularities and tracing action plans.

Besides the ETA operators, We.Check supports the routine of meter readers. In the app, they collect information with satisfaction surveys and improvement of the offered services.

Managers have a wide view of meter readers in the field and through geolocation.

Synergys with the Regulatory Landmark


It helps with quality standards and efficiency in the maintenance of operational systems


It helps setting goals and performance indicators


It created evidence for reduction and control of water loss


It supports regulation and inspection of suppliers

Other Contributions

Visual reports on .ppt format

Autonomy and facility for managers when creating surveys, forms and sheets

Automatic geolocation scripting that helps managers create intelligent routes

Control panels with analytical KPIs demonstrations

System integration with recurrent data of the market

Warehouse and stock management

Maintenance and tracking of equipments

Fleet management

Expense management

Inspections, audits and much more